Forced Sterilisation for Ethiopian Female Jews?

Picture Source: Own

Israel has agreed that it forcibly sterilized Ethiopian women without their consent. After being allowing them to become Israeli citizens, they also gave them depo-provera (a long-acting form of contraception) shots without their consent. Perhaps it would have been better if they had remained in Ethiopia. Why bother to allow them to become Israeli citizens and then forcibly have them on contraception? Why would contraception be a condition for immigration?  Apparently,  it’s hard to raise a large family,  find work or have a  landlord rent Ethiopian jews apartments if they have large families. That could be true, but it does not justify continued depo-provera shots to women who do not understand what is being administered to them. If that goes on then the immigrants might have no descendants and would eventually die off. People should be able to make their own choices free from coercion.

Putting the Ethiopian female Jews on contraception has led to a 50 per cent reduction in the birth rate among these immigrants.

Efforts to have all Jews in their ‘homeland’ sound altruistic, but wouldn’t it better for Ethiopian Jews to remain in the only country in Africa that was never colonized? Wouldn’t it be better if Ethiopian Jews continued living in their culture rich nation instead of uprooting them and taking them to their ‘homeland’? Heck, isn’t the Ark of the Covenant found in Ethiopia? Isn’t Ethiopia the home to coffee (yes, they taught the world to drink coffee). Ethiopia is arguably the home of Christianity. Why would anyone want to leave it and go to a place that they think they should be? Home is where one finds them-self.

Imagine living in a foreign land where you have to speak a language that is not your own in order to adapt. A place where you are constantly treated as inferior. A place where you will eventually lose your culture and your very self and as a result be unable to author your path to development. It’s quite reminiscent of slavery and colonialism. Actually, a combination of both. Slaves were uprooted from their homes and taken to foreign lands. Those of us who were colonized didn’t have to leave our homes but we were taught to hate our culture and to embrace an entirely different and foreign culture. Is it no wonder that we are stuck in confusion and see everything foreign as superior? We don’t know where we are coming from and where to go. Because the culture and paths of development we follow are not ours, we can’t make sense of them. We suffer from arrested development and a destroyed social fabric. Who knows? This might in the long run create another historical confusion. I thinks it’s best for any migration to occur naturally and over time. Not abruptly and to places where you already have other inhabitants. For the people who come from the only African country that was never colonized, is this the way to go? Well, I’m just saying.


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