Faith in Vasectomy: The Measure of A Real Man?

Vasectomy Billboard
Billboard in Nairobi town


The Measure of a Man

The measure of a man can be equated to how well a man provides for his family. In fact, most men who are unable to provide for their families are an unhappy lot. So ideally, the best way to help a man provide for his family is to empower him, not to offer VASECTOMY services. To help a man provide for his family, one does not need to CASTRATE ( make him infertile) him. Recommending infertility to a poor man can be equated to telling him that since he is poor, he has no right to have children. Are children the preserve of the rich? But that is not the issue here, if one is honest about helping a man provide for his family, one will empower him. This can be done by ensuring that the man has a stable income which he can use to support his family. How about encouraging good governance? How about ensuring that Kenyan boys are taught how to be self-sufficient so that unemployment becomes a thing of the past?

The fact that someone is a human person makes him worthy of respect.  The measure of a man is in his character. A man of worth is virtuous. He is honest, works hard to support his family and provide for them even when resources are low. Such a man will never tell his wife to abort his child. He will work hard to support his family. A real African man knows that children are a blessing from God, that children are the ultimate wealth; they are the future and the present. He will never go against nature by rendering himself permanently infertile. He will partake in pro-creation because he knows that because he is made in the image of God, he has a duty to be a co-creator with God. A man of worth and value will respect the institution of marriage. A man of worth loves and fears God. His faith lies in God and not vasectomy because God will always provide.


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