Curing Humanity’s Disease: An Ode to Diversity …

Lucky Dube sang the song above in celebration of human diversity. Yes, we are different in colour but we are all human. Human diversity goes further than colour. We may have different cultures and speak different languages but we are all human and most important “none is more important than other”. Pride has eaten into us that we want to define one section of humanity and its ideals as the ideal for everyone. We want everyone to conform to our definitions of what is human and therefore perfect.

Let’s go back to slave trade. Africans were sold as slaves simply because they were black and now we have a race that struggles to live upto the white ideal. Black people want to look like (skin bleaching works well) speak like and act like the white man in order to feel human. We burn our scalps in order to have pin-straight hair. Fundamentally, we forget how to take of our individual selves and play catch up with the white race. We adopt the western forms of government that do not serve us well. The result, we have so much conflict.

Women have been treated as inferior human beings and now they play catch up (see my post: Making Sense of Gender Equality) with the male ideal ~ they want to be male in order to be human. We’ve all got it twisted. Today, one can change his or her sex to one that seems ideal. This equality business is shallow minded. But that’s not all, we have people of all sizes and yet the idea that skinny is beautiful has been entrenched into our minds. The result? We have young girls suffering from anorexia and bullimia. We have young girls starving themselves in order to feel beautiful.

We do not treat the unborn as a human being simply because it’s not yet born. We murder children because they are at an early developmental stage. We view old people as burdens and problems.

Then there’s the idea of fashion i.e. catching up with the latest trend. Some of us think that our measure of humanity is having the latest or most expensive item/gadget that we forget about our individualities. Who told us that the latest novelties should define us? Does the plus size woman for instance have to force herself into an outfit that makes her look ridiculous (all in the name of fashion). Yet this same woman will have her self-esteem bolstered because she has conformed to society’s definition of who she should be.

We have different cultures and religions yet we force our cultures and religions (see my post: Why Religion Fuels Conflict) upon others yet if we upheld Jesus teaching on love we would love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Jesus understood humanity so well. The only monopoly of truth is Christ yet some of us believe that our versions of religion are the ultimate truth ~ in fact some of us think we own God. There is the Muslim who thinks Christians are ‘unbelievers’ and wages the ‘Holy War’ in service of ‘God’ and then we have the proselytizing westerner who dilutes the Gospel with his own culture. Different religions may have had different paths to find the truth and applying the Gospel of Christ need not change change whom people are, it only need make us better versions of ourselves.

The United Nations was founded to bring different nations together yet at times it seems as if it’s a tool for world domination to turn everyone into one prototype. We view diversity as the problem while we are the problem. We have got it all twisted. A rejection of human diversity is humanity’s cancer and the sooner we deal with it the better it will be for all of us … However we look like we are worthy in God’s eyes, let’s stop playing catch up and be our authentic selves.


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