Towards a Gender Equality that Recognises the Feminine Genius

Girl Child

Inequalities abound because we have failed to recognise and nurture the feminine genius. When that happens then inequality is bound to happen as women are not free to be who they are. As a result we want to bridge the inequalities that have come as a result of this by living up to the male ideal. On the other hand we are creating a rift between the male and the female because women are unable to be themselves; in fact they want to be better males. This is detrimental to society to men and woman as well as children and our families in general. Yet societal systems continue to be structured in a way that is oblivious to how women function, the value and genius they bring to this world. Women are mothers; they are nurturers whose intuitive guidance brings into the world human beings with values that enable societies to thrive.  Yet all this too often goes unrecognised. In a society that values the material and monetises it, women who in a lot of ways manifest the spiritual side of man stand to lose. Can one quantify the love and nurturance that women give? Yet society continues to value only that which can be monetised. Does equality for women mean losing themselves and struggling to become and behave like men? This is what society continues to tell us, that women have to abhor their roles as mothers in order to thrive, that they have to rid themselves of their fertility in order to be equal, that they have to abort their children in order to be equal to men and have access to opportunities. Yet when we do all this we create institutions to do the very work that women would have done had society recognized their genius. This leaves humanity very vulnerable.

I propose an equality (see Making Sense of Gender Equality) that nurtures the genius of women and realises that everything has its own intelligent nature and purpose.

We cannot replace child-bearing with test-tube babies nor can we change nature on our own whims. In a world where human nature is denied, humanity is threatened. Equality cannot be equated to sex-change or flexibility and handing over the human genius to machines and institutions. Yet this is what is happening. Women continually hate their fertility which is being given up to the laboratory. Nurturance is being taken up by institutions which cannot match the instincts of the woman. With all this is it is humanity that suffers. On this international day of the girl child I propose that we recognise and nurture the feminine genius as the best way to realise equality between the girl and boy child. Happy International Day of the Girl Child.


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